Hello, I'm Peter!

For the past twenty years I've helped teams to get better at building digital products and having fun while they do it.

I was born in London (UK) but grew up in St. Louis MO (USA), then Denver CO, then Boulder CO where I studied art, architecture, and computer science at The University of Colorado, and then New York City (Brooklyn), then Seattle where I helped build a digital agency. These days, I’m growing up in London (again).

I love art (especially modern art), music (especially electronic), writing code, and working with smart people to make cool things (like a trading platform, social media data-mining tools, or a digital marketplace for the UK government). Recently, I’ve been helping the TV & Radio crew at the BBC to manage its ambitious change portfolio.

To do this, I’ve used a lot of lean/agile practices, including things like systems thinking, Objectives & Key Results, Liberating Structures, and Nonviolent Communication. I’ve built things using C++, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, and even Perl back in the day. You’re looking at some of my code right now.

I love helping teams to get clear on what they’re doing and why, and then helping them figure out how to get better at doing it.

Want to learn more? Check out my CV.

I’d love to know what you’re working on and have a coffee or go look at some art.

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