Hello, I'm Peter!

For the past twenty years I've helped teams to get better at building digital products and have fun while they do it.

I was born in London (UK) but grew up in St. Louis MO (USA), finishing high school in Denver CO, later studying art, architecture, and computer science at The University of Colorado. After graduating with honours I moved to Brooklyn New York for a few years, then Seattle where I helped build a digital agency. In 2009, I returned to London where I’ve continued growing up.

I help teams to get clear on what they’re doing and why, and then helping them figure out how to get better at doing it and have more fun in the process.

I’ve helped teams in banking, government, media, bio-tech, and more to adopt tools like lean/agile practices, DevOps/SRE, systems thinking, Objectives & Key Results, Liberating Structures, and Nonviolent Communication to reach (and redefine) their peak. I’ve built things using C++, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, and even Perl back in the day. In fact, you’re looking at some of my code right now.

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I’d love to know what you’re working on, see if I can help, and maybe meet up for some coffee and art.

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