My clients have said some really nice things about working with me.

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The team is consistently telling me how the OKR process has changed how we work at the company. This has been by far one of the best investments our team has made all year. Thank you for all your support.

Andy Coravos

CEO of Human First

It has been great to focus the company and move us forward... Thanks again for your work. We are very pleased with the results.

Bill Pazos

Founder & CEO of Air Carbon Exchange

The implementation of OKRs has had a huge impact on the successful growth of the business.

Matt Edwards

CEO of Candid Insurance

OKRs were new to us as a business, but through Peter's invaluable support and expertise we have successfully embedded an impactful goal setting framework that has enabled all of our team members to align behind a shared objective.

Kelvin Hopkins

Founder and CEO of The Professional Fundraiser

This was the best 20 person conference call I’ve ever attended.

Participant at an AI-enabled drug discovery scale-up

I appreciate all of your support as we advanced our measurements and OKRs! You were a great partner and advisor!

Janeen Uzzell

COO of Wikimedia Foundation

Peter's OKR training and coaching has had a really positive impact here at PlotBox; from his initial support in introducing OKRs to his online training which provided our employees with a very useful refresher and instilled confidence in actually using OKRs in their own teams day to day. The training was very comprehensive, effective and enjoyable, distilling difficult concepts into easy-to-grasp bitesize chunks. Highly recommended!

Sean McAllister

CEO PlotBox

This is literally the first time I've seen people get excited about objectives!

 A UK Civil Servant

Highly recommended, Peter Kappus is a legend in demystifying OKRs and making them accessible.

Brian McIntyre

Director of Homes England Digital

I've really appreciated your positive, inclusive, proactive approach to problem solving and improving delivery, it's been really helpful... You've also always been open and available for informal discussions - that kind of support is important.

Chris Kimber

Head of Product, BBC Sounds