Photo by Josh Edgoose on Unsplash

Okay, here’s the deal…

This site uses Google Analytics to help me figure out which content is most helpful, and if the changes I’ve made to the site are making it easier to use. It leaves a small “cookie” on your browser so I can tell if you come back and visit again. It also uses your IP address to (attempt to) figure out what country you live in.

The “Share this” links on the blog don’t involve any javascript or any tracking (they’re all hand-coded regular ol’ links). That said I can only imagine what Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn are doing with your data once you get there… but that’s something for you to take up with them directly, I suppose.

If you fill in my contact form, I hope you’ll be good enough to supply a name and an email address so that I can reply to you.

That’s it. If you’re curious what data I hold on you, just drop me a line and ask.

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