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I've created a short, practical online course that gives you everything you need to succeed with OKRs. It features the same content I give my largest clients in bite-sized easy to follow lessons that fit into your busy schedule. Easily complete the course in one week with just 10 minutes a day!

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πŸ“ 13 lessons   β±οΈ 70 minutes

Inside the course you'll learn to:

  • βœ… Understand OKR foundations
  • βœ… Adopt an OKR mindset
  • βœ… Set OKRs with your team
  • βœ… Differentiate OKRs from initiatives
  • βœ… Use OKRs with KPIs and health metrics
  • βœ… Align OKRs across teams
  • βœ… Check-in on your OKRs
  • βœ… Grade & close your OKRs
  • βœ… Continuously improve

This course will help you become:

  • πŸ‘‰ OKR coach to your team
  • πŸ‘‰ OKR "ambassador" to your organisation
  • πŸ‘‰ Advisor to senior leadership
  • πŸ‘‰ An independent, professional OKR coach!

Course Outline

Welcome to this course!

Introduction & warm up

Video: 2 min

OKR Foundations

OKR Origins

Video: 8 min

Anatomy of an OKR

Video: 3 min

OKRs and Activities – the work

Video: 6 min

Pop Quiz!

Video: 4 min

KPIs and Health Metrics

Video: 3 min

Test your undersatanding! (Quiz 5 Questions)

Setting OKRs

Setting OKRs with your team

Video: 11 min

Refining & Aligning OKRs across teams

Introduction to OKR alignment

Video: 4 min

Market-based Alignment and the OKR Festival

Video: 11 min

Checking in & Closing OKRs

Introduction to OKR Check-ins

Video: 5 min

How to use confidence-based OKR check-ins

Video: 8 min

Closing your OKRs

Video: 6 min

Wrapping up

Summary & Thanks!

Video: 1 min

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