Live half-day course

Taught live by Peter Kappus, this fun, interactive, hands-on half-day course gives you the theory, mindset, and techniques to succeed with OKRs.



Live / Remote



3.5 hours



20 people

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What's inside?

Discover the origins of OKRs at Intel in the 1980s, adopt the OKR mindset to focus on outcomes over outputs and see how OKRs connect mission, vision, strategy, and delivery.

Get hands-on with my "OKR Map" technique and use it to draft OKRs and link them to activities. Learn my confidence based check-in methodology to enable continuous deep organisational learning and discover how to nurture an internal community of OKR ambassadors within your organisation.

Who is it for?

Individual contributors, managers, and senior leaders – in short, anyone with responsibility for helping teams to link strategy to execution who wants a clear transparent language for designing, negotiating, and expressing measurable goals, communicating progress, and using confidence to deepen team understanding and continuously improve delivery.

Ready to get started?

Click the button below to sign up and secure your place. Courses are taught live by me, Peter Kappus with a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 20 to ensure I can give you plenty of individual attention. Sessions are conducted in English and use Zoom, Miro, and Google Workspace. There will be a 10-15 minute break about halfway through.

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