Half-day OKR training & facilitation

OKR Jumpstart Session

Essential training & facilitation in just half a day

Participants will learn OKR fundamentals and get hands-on experience setting OKRs and performing weekly check-ins.

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"I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner."
– Andy Coravos, CEO of Human First


  • Train up to 30 people in half a day
  • Get confidence in key OKR practices
  • Be ready to use OKRs in your teams

How it works

  • A 30 minute “design session”
  • 4 hours of live training
  • On-site in London or remote
  • Set-up of my OKR tracking tools
  • Access to my OKR drafting templates
  • 90 Days access to video training library


Teams need training and expertise to confidently get the most from OKRs but aren’t ready for a longer, more in-depth programme.


Easy & flexible: - Bring up to 30 people from anywhere in your organisation - Easy to schedule at just half a day - Open enrollment doesn’t require entire teams

Up to 30 participants will be:

  • ✅ Ready to set OKRs in their teams
  • ✅ Ready to perform regular, valuable OKR check-ins
  • ✅ Confident to pilot OKRs in your organisation

🤔 They’ll understand:

  • OKR benefits, mindset, and culture
  • Structure & grammar
  • OKRs vs project management
  • OKRs, KPIs, and health metrics
  • Organisational learning through check-ins
  • Writing powerful OKRs with teams
  • Performing valuable confidence-based check-ins
  • When NOT to use OKRs
  • Replacing heavy portfolio governance with OKRs
  • Closing OKRs & capturing lessons
  • Creating an internal community of “OKR Ambassadors”
  • Next steps for piloting & improving OKRs in teams

💪 Get hands-on practice

🔬 For teams with OKR experience we can also:

  • Inspect and strengthen existing OKRs
  • Discuss real world OKR problems & questions

❌ What’s NOT covered:

  • Aligning & negotiating OKRs across teams
  • Using the “market-based” approach to OKR alignment (vs rigid cascading)

🤔 Need multi-team alignment, weekly support calls and more?
👉 Check out the “OKR Accelerator Programme


  • A 30 minute “design call” to review and customise content if needed
  • Four hours of LIVE training & facilitation in one half-day session
  • Up to 30 people from anywhere in the organisation
  • Highly interactive & practical
  • Remote or on-site in Central London
  • 90 days access to my pre-recorded on-demand video reference library.
  • Access to all slides trackers, and drafting templates used

✨ Special bonuses! ✨

Participants will also receive:

  • Access to all slides
  • Access to OKR setting templates
  • Access to OKR check-in templates
  • 90 Days access to my on-demand video library covering the core training elements so they can refresh their learning anytime

Let’s go!

If you’re ready to help your team succeed with OKRs, contact me today for full details including investment & terms.

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Availability is limited. Please contact me to today and stop working hard for your OKRs. Let them them work for you!

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"I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner."
– Andy Coravos, CEO of Human First