Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens in the workshops?

The exact agenda will be supplied prior to each workshop but expect workshops to contain a short welcome & icebreaker (5 min max), some OKR theory & slides (15-20min), and a lot of hands-on facilitation using Miro and other realtime collaboration tools. We’ll also use breakout rooms so that teams can work together before coming back to share & debrief on what we’ve learned and achieved. For 2 hour workshops, there will be a 5-10 min break in the middle. Some workshops can be shortened to 90 minutes if required.

What tools will I need to participate?

You’ll need a web browser, unrestricted access to Zoom, Miro, and Google Workspace and sufficient bandwidth. Each participant should join from their own laptop, with their own camera and microphone/headset. This allows me to group people into different breakout rooms and ensures everyone has a good sound & video experience.

Do I have to turn my camera on?

You look fantastic! ;-) I love being able to see people’s facial expressions and understand how they’re doing and if they have questions, concerns, or ideas to share. But I totally understand that sometimes life happens, kids, animals, and imperfect hair-days strike and you’d like a bit more privacy. Feel free to turn the camera off when you need to and switch it back on whenever you like.

Can I join while I’m driving?

No. Are you crazy? 😜 Stay safe. Pull over to a safe place if you must join from a car but no workshop is worth risking your safety or that of others. :)

Can we join as a group in one conference room?

Please join individually from your own space with your own laptop, headset, camera and microphone. This allows everyone to participate equally using the online collaboration tools and enables me to easily put you into different breakout rooms for various activities. If you’d like to do the programme in the same physical space, ask about doing it onsite.

Can we record the workshops?

I’m happy to record sessions done via zoom for reference by the original group of participants for up to 2 weeks after the event. Please note that the breakout portions of the session are not captured in the recording and please ask me in advance so I remember to start recording!

How will the workshops be held?

The workshops are very hands on and lots of fun – I promise! To make them work, each participant will need access to Miro, Zoom, and Google Workspace with their own camera, microphone, and speakers (or headset).

How long does the programme take?

There are two versions: a 7 week programme and a 3 month programme. There’s some flexibility for holidays, illness, etc. but I am to wrap each programme up with in a week or two of the target end date.

When is the best time to start the programme?

You can start the programme at any time. It’s possible to shorten or extend either programme slightly to align with financial/calendar quarters but it’s best to run the programme as intended and flex the duration of the subsequent OKR cycle a bit if necessary.

How many people & teams should participate?

The programme works best with 2-5 mature teams who have some lightweight dependencies between them. I recommend no more than 6 teams and 35 people as it makes collaboration, consensus, and individual participation a bit harder.

We’re really busy. Can we do the workshops in less time?

In some cases, with smaller groups, it’s possible to condense the workshops to 90 minutes each. It’s also possible to double-up the first two workshops in a single half-day session if that facilitates scheduling.

What if we need to reschedule?

No problem! Things do come up. Please try to give me at least 48 hours notice if possible and I’ll do the same. I am to reschedule as quickly as possible and ask that rescheduled sessions happen within 14 days of the original date.

Can we do the programme in person & onsite?

The programme can be adapted to be partially onsite by combining the setting, alignment (if applicable) and check-in sessions into a single full day onsite workshop. Travelling more than 4 hours each way involves an additional fee. Contact me to discuss.

How will you protect our data?

We use various collaboration tools which will be opened to allow anyone to read and write during our sessions. Please protect the URL carefully and treat it as you would a password. After the programme is over, I will ask you to download/copy any data you want to keep onto your own systems and I will delete my copies. I will keep certain company data longer to comply with legal requirements but only myself and any authorised employees will have access. For more information please sees my terms & privacy policy.