Multi-week OKR training & facilitation

OKR Accelerator Programme

High-touch. High impact. Let OKRs work hard for your teams.

This in-depth 6-8 week programe will make your teams confident in all the core disciplines of setting, aligning, checking in, and closing OKRs with expert training, facilitation of key events, and exceptional hands-on support throughout.

Go deep with one or up to five teams to create an internal community of curious, confident OKR champions across your organisation.

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"I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner."
– Andy Coravos, CEO of Human First


  • Understand OKR foundations
  • Learn & apply best practices
  • Set real OKRs for multiple teams
  • Align OKRs across teams
  • Learn & practice OKR check-ins
  • Close their OKRs
  • Capture important lessons
  • Retrospect & improve the practice
  • Create an OKR Champions’ community
  • Learn techniques to faciliate their own workshops
  • Receive continuous coaching support 💪


  • Live & fully facilitated by me!
  • Four hands-on workshops
  • 90-120 minutes each
  • Up to 8 weeks of continuous support
  • Slack, email, & async video support
  • Pre-programme “design” call
  • Weekly check-in calls
  • Free OKR tracking tools
  • Free OKR drafting/sharing tools
  • Free video training library
  • And much more!


Weekly calls
Slack support
Online tools & templates
OKR champions community

Workshop 1

Setting OKRs

Learn OKR foundations and set real OKRs for up to five teams across a focused 8-week OKR cycle.

Together we’ll discover:

  • OKR origins, mindset, and grammar
  • How OKRs connect strategy and execution
  • How OKRs fit into wider corporate mission, vision, etc
  • The way activities support (and differ from) OKRs
  • Using OKRs with health metrics and KPIs for total visibility
  • Supporting R&D, customer success, and operations teams with OKRs
  • Setting OKrs with my flexible “OKR Map” technique

Plus 90 minutes of facilitation to set real OKRs

💪 Outcomes: Foundational understanding & draft OKRs for each team

Workshop 2

Refine & align OKRs across teams

A few days after the first session we’ll go deeper and refine our draft OKRs in the context of your broader organisation. When multiple-teams are participating, we’ll use this time to run a small fully faciliated “OKR Festival”. For single teams, we will refine our original set of OKRs and look at advanced topics.

Plus we’ll learn to:

  • Review, challenge, and strengthen draft OKRs
  • Avoid top-down cascading
  • Inform top-level OKRs with “ground truth” from teams
  • Use rapid “market-based” OKR alignment
  • Eliminate dependencies with smart team design
  • Use “grading guides” to make binary OKRs measurable

💪 Outcomes: Strong, well-aligned OKRs

Workshop 3

OKR Check-ins

Check-ins are the most important part of the OKR framework. This workshop includes 90 minutes of guided check-in practice using your real OKRs. By the end the team will understand:

💪 Outcome: Teams ready to perform regular check-ins

Workshop 4

Closing OKRs

Held at the end of the programme, teams will close their OKRs, share valuable lessons, and reflect on how to improve their OKR process for the next cycle.

  • Help to close teams’ OKRs
  • Capture & share outomes & learnings
  • Explore pros and cons of scoring
  • Retrospect on the OKR process
  • Enjoy a structured Q&A session
  • Set up the next cycle

💪 Outcomes: Teams have closed their OKRs, agreed how to improve the process, and are ready to begin the next cycle.

Continuous support

Teams will also receive continuous hands-on support throughout the programme including:

  • Weekly calls Q&A and check-in calls
  • Async support via Slack, email, and video messaging
  • Engage with me individually or through the group
  • Help to create an internal OKR Champions’ Community
  • Access to my online video reference library

✨ Special bonuses! ✨

Participants will also receive:

  • An invitation to join my Private OKR Community
  • 90 days access to my video training library
  • 90 days access to my latest training slides
  • Unlimited access to my online OKR tracking tools
  • Unlimited use of my Miro & Mural templates

Let’s go!

If you’re ready to help your team succeed with OKRs, contact me today for full details including investment & terms. Have more questions? Check out the FAQ.

Ideally, participating teams should already be well-established, and high-performing with clear missions, membership, and ways of working. Need help designing and implementing team structures, operating models, and ways of working? Ask me about additional coaching & consulting in this area.

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"I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner."
– Andy Coravos, CEO of Human First