Live OKR training & facilitation

OKR Accelerator Programme

Make OKRs work hard for your teams

This comprehensive, seven-week programme combines training, hands-on facilitation, weekly check-ins, and continuous Slack & email support.

Go deep with one team or scale your OKR practice across multiple-teams leveraging deep alignment and learning while creating an internal community of curious, confident OKR champions along the way. Includes multiple fully facilitated 2 hour workshops, offline homework, weekly Q&A calls, and access to my latest online course, slides, and templates.

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  • Live and fully facilitated
  • 3-4 remote workshops
  • Optional design call
  • Seven weeks of support
  • 2 hours per workshop
  • Single / multi-team versions
  • Weekly check-in calls
  • Continuous Slack/email support
  • Online OKR tracking tools
  • Reference training videos
  • And much more…


Weekly calls
Slack support
Online tools & templates
OKR champions community

How it works

The programme is available in two versions: single-team for one team of up to ten people or a multi-team version for up to 5 teams or 35 people total. The multi-team version includes a special fourth workshop to align OKRs at the start of the cycle. Initial workshops are spaced about a week apart with the final workshop at the end of the programme. Teams will have weekly check-in calls with me and continuous Slack support.

Workshop 1

Setting OKRs

Learn the foundations and set real OKRs. Together we’ll discover:

  • The OKR mindset, origins, and examples
  • How OKRs connect strategy and execution
  • How OKRs fit into wider corporate mission, vision, etc
  • The way activities support (and differ from) OKRs
  • How to combine OKRs, Health metrics, & KPIs for a complete picture
  • Ways to use OKRs in R&D, support, and operations teams
  • My exclusive “OKR Map” technique for setting OKRs

Plus 90 minutes of facilitation to set real OKRs

Outcomes: Foundational understanding & draft OKRs for each team

Workshop 2 (multi-team)

Aligning OKRs across teams

In the multi-team version, align and negotiate OKRs via a 90 minute “OKR Festival” socialise, refine, and align OKRs across teams. Plus we’ll learn to:

  • Review, challenge, and strengthen draft OKRs
  • Avoid top-down cascading
  • Inform top-level OKRs with “ground truth” from teams
  • Use rapid “market-based” OKR alignment
  • Eliminate dependencies with smart team design
  • Use “grading guides” to make OKRs measurable

Outcomes: Strong, well-aligned OKRs

Workshop 3

Checking in

Check-ins are the most important part of the OKR framework. This workshop includes 90 minutes of guided check-in practice using your real OKRs. By the end the team will understand:

  • My powerful and easy OKR check-in method
  • My clear and simple OKR tracking templates
  • Why we measure confidence over progress
  • How check-ins improve OKR quality
  • Ways to replace heavy, traditional reporting & governance with simple check-ins
  • How check-ins enable rapid, deep organisational learning
  • A short story about sharing OKR confidence

Outcome: Teams ready to perform regular check-ins

Workshop 4

Closing OKRs

Held at the end of the programme, teams will close their OKRs, share valuable lessons, and reflect on how to improve their OKR process for the next cycle.

  • Held at the end of the programme
  • Help teams to close their OKRs and capture important lessons
  • Capture & share outomes & learnings
  • Explore pros and cons of OKR scoring
  • Hold a brief retrospective on the OKR process
  • Structured Q&A session (option)
  • Set up the next cycle (optional)

Outcome: Teams have closed their OKRs, agreed how to improve the process, and are ready to begin the next cycle.

Additional support

Teams will receive continuous support throughout the engagement:

  • Use Slack or email to ask questions and share experiences
  • Weekly calls to run check-ins and receive help
  • Start an OKR Champions’ Community (optional)

✨ Special bonuses! ✨

Participants will also receive:

  • 90 days access to the latest version of my online course
  • 90 days access to my latest training slides
  • Unlimited access to my online OKR tracking tools
  • Unlimited use of my Miro & Mural templates
  • A subscription to my OKR newsletter

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to help your team succeed with OKRs, contact me today for full details and commercial terms. Have more questions? Check out the FAQ.

Ideally, participating teams should already be well-established, and high-performing with clear missions, membership, and ways of working. Need help designing and implementing team structures, operating models, and ways of working? Ask me about additional coaching & consulting in this area.

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