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The OKR Champions programme

Build a confident, empowered group of OKR champions in your organisation in just 4 sessions with effective, live, remote training.

Since 2015, I've helped hundreds of teams in dozens of world-leading organisations like the BBC, the UK Government, and a global investment bank to get the most from OKRs. Let me give up to 10 people the tools, techniques, and templates I've learned in 4 interactive, remote sessions taught live by me, Peter Kappus.

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How it works

1. Get in touch

Click the button below to schedule initial consultation. We'll discuss your current OKR setup and goals for the training. Based on your needs, we can customise the OKR Training agendas for each session (see below).

2. Book your sessions

Ready to go? I'll help you write the invitation and we'll agree the dates and times for each 60-90min OKR Training session with up to 10 participants in each.

3. Get trained!

I'll personally deliver each highly interactive OKR session with plenty of time for Q&A and hands-on practice (see details below).

4. Practice & improve

You'll receive a recording of each session to share with your teams as well as my OKR templates, tools, and quick-reference guides to continuously improve your OKR practice.

What's inside?

Session 1

Setting OKRs with confidence

In the first session, we'll talk briefly about the history and best practice behind OKRs and learn my simple, proven technique for setting OKRs which anyone can use in any team to set inspiring, measurable OKRs. Then we'll learn to align OKRs both vertically and horizontally across every team in your organisation. We'll cover the following:

  • Quick overview of OKR background and best practice
  • OKRs and your vision & mission
  • Framing the workshop invitation & preparing for the session
  • Using my OKR drafting template to set OKRs across multiple teams
  • Achieving organic vertical and horizontal alignment (not "rigid cascading")
  • Drafting OKRs from the outside-in (Objectives to Initiatives)
  • Drafting OKRs from the inside-out (Initiatives to Objectives)
  • Running an OKR "Festival" to socialise, refine, and align OKRs
  • Simple tests to see if your OKRs are ready to use or need more tweaking
  • Hands-on practice running an OKR setting workshop for multiple teams
  • Tips for running remote OKR workshops
  • Q&A and debrief
  • Homework: after the session, I'll ask the participants to practice what they've learned by writing some OKRs with their teams. We'll review these in the second session.

Session 2

Going Deeper into OKRs

In this session we'll explore more advanced topics to understand what makes OKRs really effective as well as common pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

  • OKRs & Initiatives
  • OKRs & KPIs
  • OKRs, Pipelines, & Product Roadmaps
  • Avoiding all-or-nothing (binary) Key Results
  • OKRs for BAU work (operations, HR, customer service, research, etc.)
  • We'll also review, challenge, and strengthen the teams' draft OKRs
  • Homework: Use the advanced topics we cover to improve existing OKRs and think about what you will learn by checking in on them.

Session 3

Checking in and grading OKRs

Smooth, repeatable, informative check-ins are essential to a successful OKR practice. Done well, they show teams how their day-to-day work supports their most important strategic goals. They can inspire teams by telling teams exactly where to focus and what to do next. Weak (or non-existant) OKR check-ins can leave teams puzzled, frustrated, and disengaged. In this session we'll cover the following:

  • Step by step training for running quick, painless check-ins using my personal technique based on "What? So what? Now what?"
  • How (and why) to measure confidence, not just progress
  • Communicating OKR check-ins to stakeholders (and observers)
  • A custom set-up of my FREE multi-team Google Sheets template for tracking OKRs
  • Hands-on practice running a mock check-in session
  • Q&A on Check-ins
  • Homework: After the session, I'll invite participants to run a few check-ins with their teams using the techniques they've learned and their new OKRs, adding the results to the template.

Session 4

Personalised OKR Coaching

In the final session, we'll have up to 60 minutes with teams or individuals to talk through specific questions, ideas, and challenges that have come up during our training and during real practice with the teams. This is a chance to connect theory with reality and deal with any unique challenges and opportunities presented by your organisational context. This time can also be split into 2 shorter sessions. Past topics have included:

  • Dealing with real-world challenges
  • Keeping the OKR Champions community going
  • Opportunities for further study

About Peter Kappus

I love helping organisations to work better. I've spent 20+ years as a coach, trainer, and engineer helping teams in at UK Government, MSF, an investment bank, the BBC, and countless small & medium organisations to deliver outstanding results and enjoy the journey along the way. I've worked in a variety of industries including finance, government, media, publishing, bio-tech, advertising and more.

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