OKR training and coaching

Simple, fun, and effective OKR training and coaching to help your teams get the most from OKRs.

Since 2015, I’ve helped dozens of teams across Europe at start-ups, mid-sized companies, the UK’s Government Digital Service and the BBC to use the OKR method to clarify their ambitions, align their efforts, and supercharge delivery.

Find out about my experience or read on to see how I can help you, too!

The OKR quickstart package

Perfect for leadership off-sites and teams just starting with OKRs or looking to "reboot" their OKR practice, this customised, engaging, and highly interactive package includes everything you need to adopt and succeed with OKRs:

  • a few hours of pre-workshop consulting & preparation to learn about your needs and design a customised session for your team
  • A full-day of customised on-site training with the perfect mix of theory, games, and hands-on practice for up to 20 participants
  • Peter's OKR Playbook with clear steps for setting OKRs, running weekly check-ins, and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Follow-up OKR coaching during the quarter to reinforce concepts and answer questions
  • Review Workshop at the end of the quarter where we'll look at lessons learned and explore what's working well and what we we steps we can take to improve the OKR process moving forward.

Contact me for a sample agenda, more details, or a customised proposal.

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On-site OKR training

Don't need the whole quarterly package? I can provide half & full-day training on-site in Europe with no pre-planning or ongoing commitment. Using the same engaging activities and games as above, this option lets you mix & match to create one or more training sessions around the following areas:

  • Introduction to OKRs
  • A half-day or full-day professionally facilitated OKR-setting session (great for leadership teams)
  • Sharpen your skills with the wickedly fun "OKR Check-in" game
  • A playful exploration of the inherent paradoxes in your organisation and the underlying common goals
  • A facilitated lean-coffee around OKRs to delve deeper into complex topics

Some sessions can also be run remotely. Let's talk...

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Hourly (remote) OKR coaching

Remote hourly OKR coaching with no minimums and no long-term commitment, this is ideal for teams who want help unblocking specific challenges or exploring new ideas or just want to speak with an experienced coach.

  • Need help running weekly OKR check-ins?
  • Are your OKR setting workshops rocky?
  • Not sure how to accommodate deadline-based work in your OKRs?
  • Struggling with OKRs that look like tactics?
  • Want to do some general OKR Q&A?

Use as much or as little time as you need to get clarity, break through tricky issues and get better results with OKRs.

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About Peter Kappus

I love helping teams to work better. As a coach, trainer, and engineer I've spent 20+ years helping teams in the UK Government, the BBC, and elsewhere to deliver outstanding results and enjoy the journey along the way. I've worked in a variety of industries including finance, government, media, publishing, bio-tech, advertising and more.

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