With so many wonderful ways to self-publish these days, one hardly needs a “personal website”. But I’ve had one since 1996 and each has been a great tool for self-expression and a low-risk place to experiment and keep my digital skills sharp. This one is no exception.

It’s a static site made with Hugo to replace the old WordPress site. It uses Amazon CloudFront as a content delivery network and Amazon S3 as the origin making the site extremely fast and secure. And it costs less than £0.20 a month to host.

I considered using one of the many, beautiful free themes out there but (embracing the DIY spirit) decided to design and code my own. It uses Twitter Bootstrap, Sass (for custom CSS), and ACE templates. It deploys in seconds using S3sync. The type is good ol’ Helvetica.

Checkout my privacy policy. Thanks for visiting!

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