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Helping technology teams to deliver with joy and excellence.

Humans are hard-wired to learn and improve. Whether individually, as a team, or an entire organisation, I love finding latent talent and developing it into something remarkable.

I bring energy, patience, and creativity to my teaching style in a way that elegantly breaks down complex concepts and provides simple, supported, ways to experiment, practice, and grow.

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Coaching ideas

Coaching packages can be custom tailored to your needs and may be done remotely or on-site in London.

  • Apply lean/agile practices to deliver value faster and continuously improve
  • Use Liberating Structures to unlock the potential in your teams
  • Apply the OKR method to supercharge your goals
  • Learn to use Nonviolent Communication to strengthen relationships and help teams work better together
  • Evolve your DevOps culture and learn about infrastructure as code
  • Cloud infrastructure migration
  • Learn Github and Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Learn BDD and test automation
  • Learn the basics of Linux system administration
  • Get started with Ruby on Rails
  • Use Google Apps to build custom data collection and reporting tools

These are just a few of the things we can talk about. Check out my CV for more ideas. Ready to talk?

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