Week Notes 2024 06 28

A funky collection of ceramics in our friends' AirBnB
28 June 2024


I was glad to finally kick off some OKR work with my new government client this week. We’re rolling out OKRs across 6 directorates and 30+ teams in the face of an impending election. Onward!

The teams have already taken a first crack at OKRs. Some of them are quite good. In many areas, I’m spotting the usual suspects of too many OKRs, project tasks & milestones masquerading as key results, broad objectives which could accommodate anything, and the general feeling that every piece of work has to be represented by OKRs (spoiler: they do not).

I’m working to help teams create some cohesion and standardise towards good practice while doing the delicate work of knitting everything together, ruthlessly condensing and editing to create a tight set of truly impactful target outcomes.

Later we’ll get into operationalising them as part of wider portfolio governance & delivery.


I’ve mostly recovered from the jet lag of last week’s amazing trip to Hong Kong.

I spent some time with friends visiting from Palo Alto, having dinner in Exmouth Market and checking out their maximally decorated AirBnB.

Today I’ve enjoyed this nostalgic acid ambient mix from HOMUNKULI with Lena Wllikens on NTS Radio.

Now it’s time for a bike ride with my kid.

See you next week!

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