Week Notes 13 - 19 April 2024: Hastings

The beach at Hastings
13 April 2024

Work stuff

Had a few good OKR check-ins with various clients this week. It’s becoming easier to provide providing guardrails that let people experiment and wander within useful limits without going totally off piste in a framekwork, a programme, or a discussion.

I’m still working on my first large government tender. Feels like a full time job. Many hoops to jump through but, as a tax-payer, I appreciate why they’re necessary and keep things fair.


For the end of Easter break, my son and I took a visit to Hastings for a couple of days. I’d never been and we had an awesome time!

Highlights include:

Train engineers
A few 'net shops'
Elias Sime (detail)
Elias Sime (detail)
Elias Sime (detail)
Inside the 'Fish Bar'
Jeep convention in progress
A Model-T used in the Somme

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