OKR training & facilitation

Team Accelerator Programme

Make OKRs work hard for your team

This seven week, in-depth programme combines theory with hands-on practical workshops and precision follow-up coaching to teach, practice, and review important concepts and techniques in a real-world OKR cycle. It takes a single team (up to 12 people) through every part of the OKR process using real OKRs, and real check-ins along the way.

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  • Support for one team
  • 3 remote workshops (2 hours each)
  • Weekly check-in calls
  • 7 weeks or 3 months duration
  • Continuous Slack & email support
  • Unlimited use of my OKR tracking tools
  • Extended access to my online course
  • And much more…

Workshop 1

Setting OKRs

Set real OKRs for the team and learn:

  • How OKRs improve alignment, engagement, and learning
  • OKR mindset, origins, and grammar
  • Shifting from outputs to outcomes
  • How OKRs connect strategy and execution
  • The way activities support OKRs
  • How OKRs, health metrics, & KPIs work together
  • How OKRs support non-product teams
  • My exclusive “OKR Map” method

Workshop 2

Checking in

Check-ins are the most important part of the OKR process. This workshop includes 90 minutes of guided check-in practice using your real OKRs. By the end the team will understand:

  • Why confidence is more valuable than progress
  • How check-ins enable rapid, deep organisational learning
  • My exclusive confidence-based OKR check-in methodology
  • How check-ins improve OKR quality
  • A brief story about sharing confidence
  • How lightweight OKR check-ins can replace traditional reporting & governance
  • My online OKR tracking tools

Continuous support

Slack + weekly calls

Receive continuous support throughout the engagement:

  • Weekly calls to run OKR check-ins
  • Async Slack and email support
  • Introduce the OKR Champion’s community (optional)
  • Structured Q&A sessions (optional)

Workshop 3

Closing OKRs

Held at the end of the 7 week programme, we’ll use this session to close and reflect on the work and the process. Together we will:

  • Close OKRs and capture learnings
  • Explore pros and cons of OKR scoring
  • Hold a brief process retrospective
  • Introduce multi-team alignment (optional)
  • Setup the next cycle (optional)

✨ Special bonuses! ✨

…because who doesn’t love a bonus? All participants will also receive:

  • 90 days access to my newest online course
  • 90 days access to my latest training slides
  • Unlimited access to my online OKR tracking tools
  • Access to my Miro & Mural templates
  • An invitation to join my OKR community

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Ready to help your team succeed with OKRs? I’d love to tell you more about the programme including full commercial terms. If the above is close but not exactly what you need, just let me know! Contact me today.

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