Free OKR Tracking Templates

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6 October 2018

The start of a new quarter can mean only one thing… Time to review last quarter’s OKRs, capture the lessons we’ve learned, and use those lessons to set new OKRs for this quarter. I’ve written previously about setting good OKRs. But what do you do with those OKRs once the quarter starts?

You deliver them, of course!

Confidence matters

While it’s nice to track progress towards your goals, what really matters is how confident you are that you’ll achieve them and what you will do to improve that confidence. Every week, you should be checking in on each Key Result to see how confident you are in delivering it. I’ll, often, do a quick “Fist to Five” with my teams for each Key Result. Each team member holds up 0-5 fingers as a way to state how confident they are that the Key Result will be delivered as it’s written. A fist means “I have NO confidence that we will deliver this Key Result” and an open palm (5 fingers) means, I am 100% confident we will deliver this Key Result.

Upping your confidence

After doing a quick vote, I’ll check in with the highest and lowest votes to see why they feel the way they do, giving each person about 20 seconds to state their reasoning. Then we vote again until we have a good consensus. If confidence is any less than 5, I’ll ask the group “What would it take to increase your confidence by one whole finger?” We discuss for a minute and then I ask “What actions will we commit to doing this week to make that happen?” Usually one or two key actions will come up for each Key Result. We write them down on our weekly scorecard and move on, promising to check in on these actions throughout the week during our Daily Standups.

Free OKR tracking templates!

To capture these confidence scores and make them easier to visualise, I’ve created two simple spreadsheet templates you can use. They work great in a tool like Google Sheets where anyone can view and modify them at any time and you always have a single source of truth but can also be used as traditional file-based spreadsheets. To make them even better, print out the dashboard views and put them on the wall.

A single-team view

The single team template provides a space for the current OKRs, weekly actions, a 4-6 week “look-ahead” and a set of metrics which you DON’T want to change during the quarter. These could be things like team happiness, customer satisfaction, or uptime. Even as you’re chasing OKRs, you don’t want these to slip. Every week you can copy the previous week’s sheet and fill in the latest confidence scores and actions for the team to think about. By the end, you’ll have 13 tabs you can refer back to to see how the quarter went.

Get the team OKR tracker

A portfolio view for multiple teams

The multi-team portfolio template is provides a simple way to store multiple-teams OKRs and weekly confidence scores (as well as a weekly narrative) in a single sheet and with a nice “dashboard view” to show the latest scores. You can also store lessons learned and final outcomes in this sheet. Use this when you want a single view of an entire portfolio of OKRs and the ability to quickly identify Key Results that need help.

Get the portfolio OKR tracker

What do you think?

These templates are works in progress which will be continually updated with your feedback! If you have some ideas or experience of using these templates, I’d love to hear from you!

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